Honeydale Farms

Angus Cattle

Here are some of our cows in their working clothes.  We breed for an ideal size for our environment which we feel is around a 5 frame score and 1100 to 1300 pounds depending on where they are at in the production cycle.  Our cattle are run on minimal supplementation because that's how our customers run their cattle.  They receive a mineral high in copper free choice, year round along with hay from about November through March.  Depending on our hay quality and availability we may supplement them in the winter with 2 to 3 pounds of soybean hulls.  The cattle pictured are about 30 days post weaning and bred for a January calf.

4 Year Old BBC Bushwhacker Daughter

4 Year Old Bon View New Design 878 Daughter

2 Year Old GAR Predestined Daughter